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Zelig Associates curates three promising FinTech startups for the Master Investor Forum

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Technological innovation will transform the banking Sector. Finance companies could turn into one of the biggest investment success stories of the coming years. Event partner Zelig Associates will curate a FinTech zone, showcasing some of the sector’s most promising companies:


Creamfinance: Ranked Europe’s second-fastest growing company in 2016 (Inc. 5000), investors can back its loanbook by investing into bonds, earning 12 percent p.a. from a minimum investment of just €10,000.


WiseAlpha: Gives private investors access to investments into senior secured loans and bonds, a high-yield market where investors can earn returns of 5 – 8 percent p.a.


Alpima: An online “drag and drop” platform that helps investors tailor their financial portfolio.



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